2023 News

August 2023

  • Robby defended his thesis! He will now be working at TAE Life Sciences to make some new therapeutic antibody conjugates. Congratulations Dr. Dorn!
  • The lab had a beach day on Balboa Island!

July 2023

  • Happy 13th birthday to the lab!

June 2023

  • Congrats to lab alum Zi Yao! He won the Best Poster Award at the Bioorganic GRC for his immunopeptidome work in the Wells lab.
  • Congrats to lab alumna Rachel Steinhardt! She just received an NSF CAREER award for her work on chemical tools for bio-orthogonal neuromodulation at Syracuse. Well done, Prof. Steinhardt!
  • A huge congrats to Justin! He won 3 departmental awards!
  • Congrats to former lab undergraduate Sabrina Tran! She accepted her U of Miami offer to attend medical school this fall.
  • Congrats to Justin! He was selected for the Pitts Undergraduate Award here at UCI, one of the top honors in the Chemistry Department.
  • Congrats to Tanvi! She was awarded a SURP fellowship.

May 2023

  • Congrats to the four new Ph.D. candidates in the lab! Way to crush it, Erin, Tanya, Catherine, and Julia!
  • Undergrad alum Jonathan Tchan will be attending Chicago Medical School in the fall. Congrats!
  • Congrats to Mariana and lab alums Carly and Anna! Their manuscript on caged luciferin multiplexing was accepted today at Photochem. Photobiol. Read it here!
  • Congrats to lab alumna Prof. Joanna Laird! She will be establishing her own research group at Cal Poly this summer!

April 2023

  • Congrats to Justin! He was awarded the Outstanding Student Award from the Orange County chapter of ACS.
  • Congrats to Lila – the newest Ph.D. candidate in the lab!
  • Congrats to Justin! He accepted his offer from UC Berkeley for grad school. Go Bears!
  • Congrats to our former undergrad researcher Suha! She accepted a summer internship at Northrop Grumman Space Systems.
  • Welcome to Nicola, a visiting scholar from the Wagenknecht group in Germany!

March 2023

  • Congrats to lab alumn Colin Rathbum! He recieved a near-perfect score on his first NIH R15 application as a professor.
  • Congrats to lab alumn Dave Row! Previously a senior scientist in protein engineering at Merck, he just accepted a new position with Aliada Therapeutics in Boston to work on drug delivery into the brain.
  • Congrats to lab alumna Anna Love! She was awarded an NIH fellowship for her postdoctoral work in the Moore lab at Scripps!

February 2023

  • Congrats to lab alumn Brendan Zhang! He took a new position at Thermo Fisher working on LNP delivery platforms.
  • Congrats to Kat, Robby, and our collaborators in the Potma lab! Our manuscript on enhancing alkyne-based Raman tags can now be viewed in Journal of Physical Chemistry B.
  • Congrats to Anna, Kat, Lila, Tanya, alumni Carly and Zi, and our collaborators in the Schernmann and Mills labs! Our work on red-shifted coumarin luciferins can now be viewed online!

January 2023

  • Graduate student Halley Lin-Jones officially joins the lab! Welcome!
  • The lab went on a group outing to the bowling alley to celebrate the new year! Check out the photos.
  • Pharm Sci rotation student Omar Ocegueda joins the lab for the winter quarter. Welcome!
  • Congrats to lab alumn Zi! He was awarded an NIH postdoctoral fellowship for his work in the Wells lab at UCSF, and he was also selected for LSRF funding!
  • Congrats to Anna, Kat, Lila, Tanya, alumni Carly and Zi, and our collaborators in the Schernmann and Mills labs! Our work on red-shifted coumarin luciferins was accepted at JACS. More updates to come!
  • Congrats to lab alumna Sierra and our collaborators in the Leconte group! Their work on improved analyses for orthogonal bioluminescent tools was accepted at ChemBioChem. Check it out here!