2010 – 2013 News

December 2013

    The group welcomes new graduate student Brendan Z!

    The lab celebrates the holidays at Memphis Cafe. 

    Review article on bioluminescence imaging is published.  Check it out!

    The lab says goodbye to Jessica--best wishes in NYC!

October 2013

    Jenn speaks at the Tsukuba Global Science Week in Japan

September 2013

    Our paper on isomeric cyclopropene reactivity (in collaboration with the Houk lab) is accepted            

        for publication in JACS.  Check it out!

    Will is awarded an NSF Biophotonics fellowship.  Well done!

August 2013

    Jenn gives a talk and Brittany presents a poster at UCI’s Research Symposium.

    The group takes a trip to the Stone and Lost Abbey breweries!

    The lab welcomes rotation student Julie Bertin!


July 2013

    The lab receives awards from NIH/NIGMS and the Hellman Family Foundation.

    The lab celebrates another year with a summer BBQ.  Photos to come soon!

June 2013

    The group welcomes NSF-REU student Brittany Ripley from Southern Oregon U!

    Dave M is awarded a fellowship from Allergan.  Congratulations!

    Jenn speaks at the Bioorganic and High-Throughput Chemistry/Chemical Biology Gordon             

         Research Conferences.

    Cell contact work is highlighted in Science and Nature Methods. 

May 2013

    Strategy for visualizing cell-cell interactions in vivo is published in PNAS.  Check it out!

    Dave K advances to candidacy.  Way to go!

    Bryan and Jessica present their work at UCI’s Undergraduate Research Symposium.  Nice!

April 2013

    Bryan is selected as UCI’s Undergraduate Researcher of the Month.  Well done!

    Bryan presents at the ACS So Cal Undergraduate Research Conference.

March 2013

    Krysten presents her work at the Molecular Biology & Biochemistry Dept. retreat in Lake Arrowhead.   

    Jenn presents a poster at the Glycobiology Gordon Research Conference.


February 2013

    Dave P is awarded a fellowship from Allergan.  Congrats!

January 2013

    The group welcomes postdoctoral fellow Hui-Wen Shih from Princeton!

    Jeffrey Briggs joins the lab as a new undergraduate researcher.  Welcome!

2012 News

December 2012

    The group welcomes new graduate students Will Porterfield and Michael Vu!

    The lab celebrates the holidays.  Check out the photos!

November 2012

    Lidia gives a talk at the Southern California Eukaryotic Pathogens Symposium.

    Dave P and Dave M present their work at the UCI Immunology Fair.

October 2012

    The group’s paper on bioorthogonal chemistry is published in J. Am. Chem. Soc.  Check it out!

September 2012

    Joanna receives an NSF Biophotonics IGERT Fellowship.  Congratulations!

    Group BBQ at Jenn’s place. 


August 2012

    The group enjoys an Angels game. 

    The group welcomes Lindsay Kindra for a summer rotation.

July 2012

    Dave M. advances to candidacy.  Congratulations!

    The group welcomes summer rotation student Kevin Chen and NSF-REU fellow Greg Trieger!

    Our luciferin work is highlighted in Angewandte Chemie.

June 2012

    Bryan receives a departmental Merck Award (top sophomore organic student).  Way to go!

    Bryan and Jessica are awarded Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships from UCI.  Congrats!

    Bryan and Jessica are awarded summer fellowships from Allergan.  Way to go!

May 2012

    Graduate students Dave P., Miranda, Rachel, and Lidia advance to candidacy.  Congratulations!

    The Prescher Group has been awarded funding from the UC Cancer Research Coordinating Committee. 

    Bryan presents his work at the UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium.

April 2012

    The group’s paper on luciferin synthesis is published in J. Am. Chem. Soc.  Check it out!

    Molecular biology graduate students Krysten Jones and Joanna Laird join the lab!

March 2012

    Miranda and Dave M present their research at the ACS Meeting in San Diego.

February 2012

    The group welcomes molecular biology rotation student Melanie Evans.

January 2012

    The group welcomes chemistry graduate student David Kamber!

2011 News

December 2011

    The Prescher and Esser-Kahn groups celebrate the holidays.


August 2011

   Jenn gives a talk at the ACS Meeting in Denver.

July 2011

   We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo...how about you, you, you? 

June 2011

    Miranda wins a departmental teaching award.  Way to go!

    Bryan ears top freshman honors from the Chemistry Department.  Congrats!

May 2011

    Bryan and Srishti receive summer research funding from Allergan and UCI (SURP/UROP).  Congrats!

March 2011

    Jenn speaks at the campus-wide Breakfast Lecture Series.

    The group celebrates a successful academic quarter.

January 2011

    The group welcomes Pharm Sci rotation students Krysten Jones and Tom Ford-Hutchinson!

2010 News

December 2010

    Rachel Steinhardt, Dave Patterson, Dave McCutcheon, and Lidia Nazarova join the group!

November 2010

    Jenn speaks at the UCI Cancer Center retreat in Palm Springs, CA.

    The Prescher lab is awarded a grant from the American Cancer Society IRG program.


August 2010

    The Prescher and Weiss groups participate in a Rebuilding Orange County community service project.

    The group welcomes summer rotation students Dave Patterson and Dang Nguyen!

July 2010

   The Prescher lab is setting up shop!

    The lab welcomes graduate student Miranda Paley and summer students Kim Le and Rachel Steinhardt.

    Jenn presents at the UCI Conference on Future Diagnostics.