UCI's Graduate Council adopted a plan requiring all graduate students to complete an annual Individual Development Plan (IDP) and to discuss it with their faculty research advisor in a one-on-one meeting. This process must be completed every academic year. IDPs are an excellent tool to help you develop as an independent scientist. They also help your advisor to better mentor you along this journey.

To begin working on your IDP, please talk to your faculty advisor to determine if he/she has a preferred version of the IDP form for you to use. The general UCI Chemistry IDP form is available below. In addition to the IDP form, you will find a pre-IDP Self Evaluation form. This form is an excellent tool to get you started thinking about where you are now as a scientist and where you want to be when you finish up your time at UCI. 


The IDP and the one-on-one meeting to discuss the form with your advisor must be completed before the end of Spring quarter. Upon completion of the IDP and meeting, please fill out the last page of the IDP form and return to the Department of Chemistry. For the 2018-2019 academic year, this form must be turned in to Morgan Sibley in NS2 1135 no later than Friday, June 14th, 2019.



For those that have not completed IDPs in the past, there are a variety of resources available that describe their use in career and professional development: