UCI Chemistry Field Studies Program, Chemistry 197

Restricted to current UCI undergraduate Chemistry majors who are juniors and seniors in good academic standing, with a minimum overall UCI GPA of 2.8, and have at least one full quarter at UCI remaining after completion of the internship.

The UCI Field Studies in Chemistry Program is a summer industrial internship program for UC Irvine undergraduate Chemistry majors who have completed their sophomore and junior years that is part of Chemistry 197.  This program has three goals:  1) Provide opportunities for undergraduate majors to experience research and development in a company, and in an area of chemistry, that interests them.  2) Open doors for students to obtain longer term employment. 3) Enable students to gain knowledge and experience with instrumental methods, chemical processes, etc. that may not be included in the Chemistry curriculum at UC Irvine.

Chemistry 197: Independent Study is the course that will provide participants of the UCI Field Studies in Chemistry Program with course credit for their internship. 

Grading: Pass/No Pass. Based on the supervisor's evaluation of the student's work, and the quality of the student's written summary, required at the end of each quarter.

Credit: 4 units per quarter (maximum of 12 units can be taken for credit).


Independent Study Requirments

  • 25 hours of independent study per quarter = 1 unit of academic credit.

  • Hours worked before the first day of placement period will not be credited toward the field work requirement.

  • An evaluation form from the independent study supervisor verifying completion of field site requirements and assessing the quality of their field work.

  • All independent study sites must be approved by Director Prof. Blum in order to receive academic credit.


Steps for Enrolling in Chem 197

  1. Get an internship.  See the list of prospective employers on this page.  

  2. Submit an Independent Study Application to the Department for approval.

  3. If your internship is approved, the Department will provide authorization to enroll in Chem 197 via email.  

  4. Enroll in Chem 197 and start your internship.

Note: Students may not change their internships after the course enrollment deadline.


Important Links for Students


Important Links for Employers

Faculty Contact

Professor Suzanne A. Blum
Director, UCI Field Studies in Chemistry Program