Rotation Schedule

First-year graduate students are required to complete four three-week rotations in different research groups: three rotations during Fall Quarter and one rotation in early Winter Quarter. This year's rotations will take place according to the following schedule:

  • Submit Rotation Preference Form: Wednesday, September 29
  • Rotation 1: October 4 – October 22, 2021
  • Rotation 2: October 25 – November 12
  • Rotation 3: November 15 – December 10
  • Rotation 4: January 3 – January 21, 2022
  • Submit Advisor Selection Form: Friday, January 21

Rotation Preferences

Rotation preferences are due by 8:00am on Thursday, September 30.

Link: Rotation Preference Form

Rotation Assignments

Rotation Assignments by Student (UCI Google Account required & restricted to first-year Chemistry graduate students)

Every effort is made to accommodate the preferences submitted by each student; however, owing to limitations in some groups, not every request can be granted. Remember that you may still join a group, even if you did not rotate in that group. Rotations are meant to be a starting point for you to gather information on the groups that you might join. If you are, or become, interested in a group other than the ones in which you are rotating, ensure to interact with the PI and the group in other ways, including attending group meetings, meeting with graduate students and discussing science with the PI. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the appropriate area advisor.

Rotation Expectations

Beginning graduate students are expected to get to know many of the different research groups, advisors, and projects in the Department. Rotations in different laboratories are an important part of the process. During each rotation, students should:

  • Schedule meetings with the PI to discuss research projects, expectations, mentoring style, etc.
  • Read recent papers from the research group (before meeting with the PI).
  • Take initiative and reach out to lab members for discussions about their science.
  • Attend group meetings and/or subgroup meetings.
  • Get a feel for the group dynamic and how it operates.

Rotations are meant to facilitate your introduction to a few groups in the Chemistry Department and to get you started on a path to choosing a research group. You are strongly encouraged to go beyond your four rotations to learn about the research groups and opportunities in the Department. Think broadly about groups that you might be interested in joining. Think about the non-traditional options that are out there. Consider which faculty will offer you an environment that will be both supportive and challenging for you during your career at UCI.

In addition to rotations, students should:

  • Attend group meetings for other research groups that you may be interested in joining, even if you are not rotating with them.
  • Introduce yourself to other faculty in your area of interest.
  • Talk with students in other research groups in similar research areas.

Selecting an Advisor

​​​Students will submit their advisor selection form at the end of the fourth rotation (due by 12:00pm on Friday, January 21) and be assigned to a group by early February.

Link: Research Advisor Selection Form