UCOP Vaccine Policy - Message from Provost and Executive Vice Chacellor Hal Stern (07/16/2021)

Employees who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and have not yet submitted verification should upload proof of vaccination at the Occupational Health upload portal.

Students who have already received their COVID-19 vaccine should upload their vaccination record on the UCI Student Health Center Patient Portal.

Effective 6/21/21 the Executive Directive on face coverings now states that fully vaccinated individuals are no longer required to wear masks on UCI-controlled property, except under certain circumstances. The directive on gatherings has been rescinded, as has the Grad Gatherings policy.

Phase 4 Research is underway, effective June 22nd, 2021. Please see the PHASE 4 – Research Activities as Public Health Directives and Requirements Relax.

For the most up to date UCI coronavirus resources, please go here: https://uci.edu/coronavirus/, please also see resources at http://www.ucihealth.org/covid-19

Department members can report anonymous concerns about safety (including mask wearing, unsafe working conditions, etc.) here.

Guiding principles

UCI and the Department of Chemistry are committed to continuing research while maintaining a safe environment for faculty, staff and students to work. Extensive planning has taken place to ensure measures are taken for a safe return to campus. Returning to work on campus is voluntary. Those that do not feel comfortable returning to campus at this time may seek alternate work accommodations from their faculty mentor and/or the department. Every effort will be made to find alternate accommodations so research progress can continue to be made. For those who wish to resume research on campus, commitment to safety protocols is required. Detailed safety plans are to be submitted by each research group and include an individual commitment from every person returning to campus. All UCI personnel are required to complete a Daily Symptom Check, email reminders can be generated M-F or daily, depending on work schedule. You can adjust your Daily Symptom Check-In schedule here.

Process for reporting suspected and confirmed COVID cases

Laboratory Addendum to UCI's COVID-19 Infection Protocol

The UCI campus has a COVID-19 infection protocol described here (https://hr.uci.edu/disaster-relief/report-known-cases.php). This protocol does not provide guidance relating to the operation of shared spaces of laboratories and offices occupied by research personnel.  The following is the approved procedure to be followed in such instances:

Days 0 and 1:

  1. Symptomatic coworker (SC) reports symptoms to supervisor/principle investigator.
  2. SC goes home, monitors symptoms, seeks medical attention if appropriate.
  3. Everyone else working in the same lab goes home; laboratory is closed.*
  4. SC reports symptoms to Human Resources using the online form (https://uci.edu/coronavirus/).
  5. SC seeks and receives a COVID-19 test which is available at Student Health, Gottschalk Medical Plaza, or another medical provider.

Days 2,3,4...15

(Assuming test results are made available to Supervisor/PI)**

If this test is Negative:

  1. Day 2:  Lab Reopens.*
  2. SC stays home until authorized by UCI Occupational and Environmental Health (COEH).

If this test is Positive:

  1. All laboratory personnel are officially in quarantine.  Quarantine is maintained 14 days, until Day 15.
  2. Days 3 - 14, EH&S sanitizes laboratory spaces, & shared equipment.
  3. Day 15:  Lab Reopens.*

  Plans filed by each individual laboratory and approved by SoPS.

**Coworkers are not obligated to share the outcome of tests with supervisor and PI's.


The campus is providing washable cloth face coverings and cleaning supplies for your lab (sanitizer, disinfectant, paper towels) for all employees/labs approved to return to work on campus. There is a central distribution through PS Stores (FRH B003) for Physical Sciences, please contact Jay Aranton (jaranton@uci.edu or x5889) to arrange pick-up.

The Chemistry Department has a limited supply of disposable masks, IPA, and nitrile gloves.  Please complete this Supplies Request Form to request deliveries as needed.  Contactless deliveries will be made to labs as soon as possible.

Floor plans can be accessed here.

Please refer to the UCI webpage: Returning to Campus: What's Next

Chemistry shared facility Coronavirus mitigation plans:

School of Physical Sciences COVID-19 resources: https://ps.uci.edu/covid19-resources-policies-news

Non-compliance response procedures

UCI Office of Research Guidelines on Research Ramp-up 

Orange County Department of Health Order and Strong Recommendations dated 5/23/20 

EH&S resources:

UCI Travel Directive 1/29/21 - please note that as of 3/24/21 university travel is still prohibited and requires prior authorization

UCI Travel Directive 8/17/20

UCOP Travel Directive 8/6/20

Print a copy of your COVID vaccine card or upload proof of vaccination here.

Please send any questions or suggestions about the content of this page to cadennis@uci.edu.