The Department of Chemistry provides tutoring in General and Organic Chemistry free of charge for all UCI students. Tutoring is available on a "walk in" basis and is held in Rowland Hall 517 or 552 (General Chemistry) and  Rowland Hall 523 (Organic Chemistry). Tutors prepare weekly worksheets (available at the tutoring sessions) of the material covered in the lecture and book. Review sessions for the midterm and final exam are also provided by the tutors, dates and times will be announced during class.

Please see the links below for specific details and schedules:

2022-23 General Chemistry Tutoring Coordinators:

  • Craig Sutkin |
  • Cuiwen Zhou |
  • Rodion Voldman |

For general questions or concerns please email:

2022-23 Organic Chemistry Coordinators:

  • Sebastian Zolog |
  • Issac Mora |

For general questions or concerns please email:

Interested in becoming a Chemistry Peer Tutor?

More information about the program, requirements, and benefits can be found on our Chemistry Peer Tutor Program Description page.