Application Deadline: 

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

From August 26 – October 22, 2019, The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is scheduled to open the “NRC Temporary Summer Student Program” vacancy announcement in  The NRC is planning to hire between 35 and 50 U.S.-citizen summer students for the summer of 2020.  Undergraduate and graduate students attending college, including grant recipients, are encouraged to apply.  Most internships are located at the NRC Headquarters (Rockville, MD), but a few duty stations are located at each of the four regional offices:  King of Prussia (Philadelphia), PA; Atlanta, GA; Lisle (Chicago), IL; and Arlington (Dallas/Ft. Worth), TX. 


Summer interns can expect to work up to 89 days during the summer; interns are afforded flexible start and end dates, non-paid time off, and flexible working hours.  Greg Casto is coordinating the non-power production or utilization facility (NPUF) interns and will provide meaningful work that helps interns understand NPUF licensing processes, develop quality license amendments, understand the scope of technical reviews, and manage the review milestones and schedules.  Training on a wide variety of topics is available at the NRC’s Professional Development Center, and interns are invited to fill empty chairs at most training sessions.  Training topics range from reactor and nuclear theory to technical writing.  A number of self-paced computer-based training courses are also available through the center.


Pay varies by academic year completed (undergrad, grad), from about $22/hour to $26/hour.  Interns are provided reimbursement for initial travel from home to the duty station and from the duty station back to home, a $750/month stipend for housing expenses (very helpful in DC metro area), and paid public transportation to and from work (bus, metro, trains).  All interns go through a security background check and will receive a government clearance.  Since NRC is a Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations (10 CFR) Part 26 “fitness for duty” employer, entry and random drug and alcohol testing is required, and certain other restrictions apply during employment. 


NRC hiring managers may communicate with professors for recommendations about students interested in this internship.  Interviews are generally conducted by phone; however, NRC staff from the research and test reactor licensing and oversight branches may also interview prospective candidates during site visits, as available.  Note that the vacancy announcement in is open for a limited time, so if a student is even mildly interested, he/she should apply early.  Interested candidates should abide by the following:


  1. If a professor or student has any questions, please contact Greg Casto at or call 301-415-0565.  Note that NPUF applicants will also be considered for power reactor and other NRC summer positions.
  2. Student should apply early to the vacancy announcement for the “NRC Temporary Summer Student Program,” and if a different title is used, notification will be made on the TRTR list serve.  As a guide, the U.S. Federal government “grade” for early undergrads (Freshmen, Sophomores) is usually “GG-4,” late undergrads (Juniors, Seniors) is usually “GG-5,” and grad students are usually “GG-7.” 
  3. After applying, notify, for his awareness.
  4. One week after applying, telephone the OCHCO (NRC’s department for human resources) contact listed on the vacancy announcement and verify that your application was processed. 
  5. By the third week in November, expect to hear back from the NRC.  If you don’t, telephone the OCHCO contact listed in the vacancy announcement, and copy  Greg will keep prospective candidates updated on the progress of the hiring process (therefore, it is important to notify him initially and keep in touch with him, as well). 
  6. Once selections are made, OCHCO and/or Greg will contact candidates.

Good luck, and please contact Greg if there are any questions.