Tuesday, February 23, 2021 - 3:30pm

The quantification and classification of the response of advanced fuel forms to reactor off-normal and accident conditions resulting during oxidant exposure has been at the forefront of fuels testing for the last decade. Though static testing provides insight to material degradation and kinetics, dynamic measurement of the response of a fuel form to oxidant exposure is a superior method of testing and qualification, if performed under relevant and controlled atmospheres. Presented will be the microstructural evolution of fuels following thermogravimetric analysis and oxidant exposure testing in precision engineered atmospheres to probe the susceptibility of advanced and novel fuel forms to off-normal conditions. Included will be screening studies for dopants and additives to accident tolerant fuels, specifically U3Si2 and UN compared to UO2 and uranium metal. Additionally, the latest in oxidation testing in advanced gas reactor relevant atmospheres of TRISO particle fuel and graphite matrix material will be covered.


Prof. Elizabeth Sooby


University of Texas, San Antonio


Virtual Seminar