Wednesday, November 16, 2022 - 4:00pm

Abstract: The Cannon Lab at Occidental College is broadly interested in discovering new reactions that generate C–C bonds, with a special emphasis on catalytic and stereoselective processes. This seminar will describe our discoveries in photoredox-catalyzed anion oxidation for mild and atom-economical alkene functionalization, as well as our development of new auxiliaries for stereoselective enolate functionalization. The idiosyncrasies and challenges of conducting synthetic organic chemistry research with a group of undergraduates will also be discussed.

Bio: Jeff graduated from Occidental College magna cum laude with honors where he worked with Prof. Donald Deardorff. He then moved to UC Irvine where he worked with Prof. Larry Overman on catalysis and total synthesis projects to earn his Ph.D. in 2012. After two years as an NIH postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Nobel laureate Prof. Robert Grubbs, Jeff returned to his alma mater as a professor specializing in organic chemistry. Jeff teaches introductory organic chemistry as well as advanced classes in organic synthesis and physical organic chemistry. His research interests are centered around new methods for the stereoselective formation of carbon-carbon bonds. Outside of lab, Jeff enjoys long-distance cycling.


Jeff Cannon


Occidental College


RH 104