Thursday, November 17, 2022 - 10:00am

Abstract: Many important and synthetically challenging chemical reactions are carried out by metalloenzymes, including water oxidation, nitrogen fixation, O2 reduction, and oxidation of C–H bonds including as methane, fatty acids, and pharmaceuticals. Metalloenzymes are able to catalyze these reactions in part due to their ability to access reactive intermediates which is facilitated by the protein host. To replicate these effects synthetically, the Borovik lab has designed organic ligands which incorporate both primary and secondary coordination sphere interactions to control the local environment within metal complexes. This talk will discuss research which employs these ligand frameworks in the design and preparation of both mono- and bimetallic small molecule Co complexes. The synthesis, characterization, and properties of these complexes will be highlighted.


Meghen Goulet


Borovik Group


NS2 2201