Rowland Fellows

Natalie Smith 2020-2021

Natalie has been investigating how chemical processes in atmospheric organic aerosol particles depend on their phase state using different types of synthetic organic aerosol particles and the photochemical smog chamber in the Nizkorodov Group. The Rowland Graduate Fellowship will allow Natalie to use real emissions by working with the group of Prof. Celia Faiola at UCI to generate aerosol samples from plants. Natalie will then work in the group of Prof. Allan Bertram at the University of British Columbia to perform diffusion measurements on these samples using a method called fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP).


Sean Nguyen 2019-2020

In the Prescher lab, Sean Nguyen focuses on developing new chemical tools to probe biological processes. In collaboration with the Spitale lab, his current project aims to incorporate chemically triggered crosslinkers into nascent RNA in whole cells to capture RNA-protein interactions.