Monday, January 28, 2019 - 1:30pm

Materials characterization is a branch of materials science that incorporates elements of physics, chemistry, engineering, and other disciplines to examine the structure and properties of materials, from the atomic level up to the coarse grain structural level. The vital point to developing future products, monitoring and improving performance, and preventing failures is to appreciate a material’s composition, microstructure, and properties and how they interact with the environment. This talk will focus on structureproperty function relationship of dental adhesives composed of hybrid network to provide buffering and autonomous strengthening, addressing the problem of secondary decay and failure of the composite restoration. Variety of analytical characterizations, such as polymerization behavior, thermal property, dynamic mechanical properties in dry and wet conditions, and leached species, etc. were investigated. Establishing and maintaining the interfacial integrity of the adhesive/dentin bond has been a critical roadblock to durable composite restorations. However, the persistently improved mechanical properties of these novel copolymers in wet conditions indicated that the photoacid-induced sol-gel reaction could strengthen the traditional polymethacrylate-based biomaterials, while reduce leaching under conditions relevant to the oral environment.


Dr. Charles Ye


University of Kansas


NS2 2201