The following guidelines apply to scanning exams in Chemistry courses. Some exams must be scanned because we need them for periodic assessment of our program. Other exams do not have to be scanned but scanning in many cases makes the logistics of the exam distribution much easier and minimizes cheating. It is up to the instructor to determine whether the exams should be scanned or not. If you are not sure whether your exam should be scanned or not please consult the Vice-Chair for Undergraduate Curriculum or the Student Affairs Manager.

General guidelines:

  • If you scan the exam, keep the number of pages in your exam small to save on scanning costs. For example, you may want to ask your graders to remove supporting pages (periodic table, formula pages, etc.) from the exam during grading.
  • If your class is relative small, there is no need to scan the exams
  • If you do not intend to distribute the exam to the students, there is no need to scan it.
  • If you scan the exam, please use the Chemistry Analyst, Conrad Colindres, as the financial contact.

Must always be scanned (needed for WASC assessment):

  • Final Exam for the General Chemistry lectures: Chem M2A and M2B
  • Final Exam for the Analytical Chemistry lecture: Chem M3C
  • Final Exam for the Organic Chemistry lectures: Chem 51A, 51B, 51C
  • Final Exam for the Computational Chemistry: Chem 5
  • Final Exam for the Inorganic Chemistry: Chem 107
  • Final Exam for the Physical Chemistry: Chem 132A, 132B, 132C
  • Final Exam for the Advanced Analytical Chemistry: Chem 152

Scanning is optional:

  • Any midterm exam for the courses listed above
  • Exams for any of the Chemistry elective courses
  • Chem 107L
  • General chemistry: Chem 1

Should not be scanned to conserve resources:

  • Multiple choice exams where grading is based entirely on Scantrons. This includes Chem 1 exams; there is no need to scan the actual exams if students provided their answers on the Scantron form.
  • Scantron forms accompanying the exam. Other ways of returning results to the students are recommended.

Gradescope Users:

If you use gradescope for grading, there are cheaper options for scanning:

  • Using the copy center in PS to scen to PDF
  • Using scanners Renee Link purchased for Chem 51L exam grading

Be sure to keep scanned PDF files for at least 5 years in your archives.