The Department is Chemistry can no longer support Summer Research for incoming PhD students. Students do not have access to Student Health, counseling, or other student services and have trouble securing campus housing. While we understand that some faculty may still want to bring students early, the students should know this is outside of our normal practice and therefore they will not have the information or services they will get as a student when the Fall quarter begins.

Graduate Division hosts a summer research program called Competitive Edge. Some students may be eligible to apply; however, faculty will need to work with the Department to discuss how the stipend and health insurance will be covered. Currently, Graduate Division does not allow these charges to be applied to grants. It is important to note that this program includes a lot of programing that may conflict with students accomplishing a summer research project; this should be considered before applying. If you are interested in this option, please contact Morgan Sibley. The deadline to apply is typically in April.