Students that are not formally admitted to the university may enroll in UCI courses via Concurrent Enrollment.

How to request enrollment in chemistry courses through Concurrent Enrollment:

Submit the Concurrent Enrollment Applcation. If you meet eligibility criteria through the Department of Chemistry and course space is available you will be notified via email by UCI Division of Continuing Education.

Students enrolling in general or organic chemistry laboratories (Chem 1LC, Chem 1LD, Chem 51LB, or Chem 51LC):

Before submitting the Chemistry Concurrent Enrollment Form, please email the laboratory course instructor for access to the course materials online (see instructors’ contact information below).

Please note: Gaining access to the course materials online does not guarantee enrollment. Instructors do not manage course enrollment. If you have questions regarding enrollment/eligibility, please email

  • General chemistry laboratory instructor (Chem 1LC and Chem 1LD):
  • Organic chemistry laboratory instructor (Chem 51LB and Chem 51LC):

If your question has not been answered on the above website, please email