Monday, October 3, 2016 - 11:00pm

It is becoming ever clearer that new and innovative educational efforts are required to facilitate the greater creativity, flexibility, and increased learning capability needed for post-secondary education in the future. Unfortunately, rapidly rising undergraduate fees and textbook costs are serious factors impeding access to higher education for many students; many of which do not have the funds to benefits from these new advances that are often commercialized. Growing textbook costs are a serious barrier for under-served, at-risk students and open-access resources (OER) textbooks are a growing approach to address these issue. The Libretexts project (, formerly the ChemWiki, is designed as a collaborative OER effort that enables dissemination and evaluation of new education developments and approaches, with an emphasis on data-driven assessment of student learning and performance. Since its inception eight years ago, the Libretexts has been exponentially growing and currently reaches over 60 million students per year and is the most visited chemistry website in the world. 


Prof Delmar Larsen


UC Davis


NS2 2201