In 2018, UCI's Graduate Council adopted a plan requiring all graduate students to complete an annual Individual Development Plan (IDP) and to discuss it with their faculty research advisor in a one-on-one meeting. This process must be completed every academic year. IDPs are an excellent tool to help you develop as an independent scientist. They also help your advisor to better mentor you along this journey.


The general UCI Chemistry IDP form is available below. If your advisor has a different IDP form that they prefer to use, you may complete that one, instead. In addition to the IDP form, you will find a Pre-IDP Self Evaluation form. This form is an excellent tool to get you started thinking about where you are now as a scientist and where you want to be when you finish up your time at UCI.

Students should complete the IDP in preparation for a scheduled meeting with their advisor. The IDP is designed to foster communication in a variety of areas to ensure that students are receiving comprehensive feedback about their progress to date and future expectations. Accomplishments, challenges, and goals should be addressed as well as any performance/progress issues so that both the student and their advisor have a clear understanding of the student’s progress toward their degree.

Organic & Chem Bio students only

Organic and chem bio students, who have advanced to candidacy, will be required to review the first page of their IDP with their two non-advisor thesis committee members, obtain their signatures at the bottom, and then submit that page along with the IDP signature page.


The 2022 deadline for your completed IDP form, scheduled meeting with your advisor, and submission of the IDP signature page is Wednesday, August 31, 2022


Students should submit their signed IDP signature page, acknowledging full completion of their IDP form, using the IDP Submission Form.



For those that have not completed IDPs in the past, there are a variety of resources available that describe their use in career and professional development: