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EH&S Emergency Contacts:

Physical Sciences EH&S Coordinator, School of Physical Sciences
Angela Geissbuhler (, (949) 824-2518

Chemical Hygiene Program Manager, EH&S
Megan Dumas (, (949) 824-8342

EH&S Front Desk
(949) 824-6200

After Hours, call 9-1-1

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Radioactive Waste

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2019-2020 Department of Chemistry Safety Reps:

  • Kate McKnelly (Safety Fellow)
  • Vahe Baboomian (effective W20)
  • Amanda Chung
  • William Howitz
  • Tuan Samdin (effective W20)
  • Alessandra Zito

2018-2019 Department of Chemistry Safety Reps:

  • Megan Dumas (Safety Fellow)
  • Jared Bruce
  • Amanda Chung
  • Francisco Gomez
  • William Howitz
  • Kate McKnelly
  • Alexander Reath
  • Megan Screen
  • Alessandra Zito