Sierra Williams
Sierra Williams (Prescher group) selected as a Decade Plus grad leadership coach.
Sean and Zi
Grads Sean Nguyen and Zi Yao (Prescher group) awarded BIOL Division Travel Award.

Newcomb wins grad slam

Tue, Apr 18

Grad Megan Newcomb (Ribbe lab) has won UCI's grad slam competition

Graduate student Megan Newcomb JUST WON the first place of the
2017 UCI's Grad Slam finalShe will represent UC Irvine at the UC
Systemwide Finals on May 4 in San Francisco. Her research
“Nature’s Climate-Saving Machines” is based on the observation
that the enzyme nitrogenase is able to convert greenhouse gases into
fuels. She focuses on understanding how nitrogenase completes these
difficult chemical reactions.