Monday, September 19, 2011

Chemistry wins a  Green Commute Award.


Starting in 2010, Parking & Transportation decided to recognize Departments across the University for their participation in Sustainable Transportation.  PTS selected 9 departments from LARGE, MID-SIZE and SMALL departments to honor at the annual Staff picnic.  In doing so, PTS tallied up how many individuals from each department across the campus who take part in Sustainable Transportation and are registered members (IE. Walk, Bike, Train, Vanpool, Carpool, OCTA or Shuttle).  PTS then categorized each department from Largest to Smallest with over 200 and beyond being the largest to under 99 employees being the smallest.

The Department of Chemistry took first place overall for the Largest Department category.

PTS is proud of the commitment demonstrated across the board from each department.  Most departments do not realize the impact their employees are doing by ridesharing to campus and taking part in Sustainable Transportation.  In recognition, PTS is making it an annual tradition to recognize those department in order for them to recognize their own employees within.