Monday, January 8, 2018

Two papers from the Murray group have been highlighted in the 2017 PCCP HOT Articles themed collection.  

The first paper describes a comprehensive investigation of the Norrish Type I phohodissociation of acetaldehyde, using ion imaging and photofragment excitation spectroscopy.  The dynamics of competitive dissociation pathways on the S0 and T1 surfaces are characterized over a broad range of wavelengths, and a new internal conversion pathway involving a conical intersection between the S1 and S0 surfaces is identified.  Time-resolved ion imaging measurements on ps and ns timescales explore the competition between different dissociation pathways.

Read it here.

The second paper explores the photochemistry of chlorodiiodomethane in the near-UV and its potential role as a photolytic precursor for production of a chlorine-substituted Criegee intermediate in the atmosphere.  Ion imaging measurements, supported by complementary high-level ab initio calculations performed by international collaborator Grant Hill (University of Sheffield), examine the photodissociation dynamics, while transient absorption spectroscopy is used to identify the CHClOO Criegee intermediate.

Read it here.

You can view the whole themed collection here.