Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Professor Blake and his lab have made defining discoveries in the field of atmospheric chemistry.

The prominent academic platform Research.com just released its 2022 edition of the Ranking of Top 1000 Scientists in the area of Environmental Sciences. Among the chosen scientists is UCI Department of Chemistry’s Professor Donald R. Blake, who ranked 20thin the world and 11th in the United States.

Professor Blake’s research focuses on measuring trace gases in air around the world. He looks for trace compounds that can be found in remote locations throughout the world, in highly polluted cities, and in areas with special conditions such as burning forests. The research helps identify prominent chemicals that contribute to regulating our environment, and is critical for understanding human-driven climate change.

This ranking highlights how important Professor Blake’s research in environmental chemistry is for our understanding of the world around us, and perhaps even more importantly, how this science can help inform regulations for curtailing pollution. 

In addition to Professor Blake, other professors from the Department of Earth System Science were also ranked, including Professors Alex Guenther, Michael Prather, and Sue Trumbore.

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