The Facility has a 2-seat floating license for COMSOL, a package for modeling physical/chemical systems.

It is currently reserved for use by the research groups that contributed to its purchase.

The COMSOL Multiphysics graphical interface is installed on the workstations and cluster login nodes. Local versions for Linux, Mac, and Windows can be downloaded and installed from:

COMSOL [UCI webfiles]

Please contact Nate for the necessary license file. Please note that some modules only have a single seat license at the moment.


  1. Download your OS's COMSOL installer and the COMSOL_License.dat to your desktop. [For Linux, you will need to unpack it first.]
  2. Install in the default location.
  3. When it asks for the location of the license, select the license file you just downloaded.
  4. Start Comsol as any other application.