B106 Reines Hall
(949) 824-5649
Facility Hours: 24 hours

B104 Reines Hall
(949) 824-6010
Work Hours: M-F 9:30-6


The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Facility provides a non-destructive analytical technique to many research groups in the department and outside. NMR is primarily used for structural elucidation of organic and inorganic compounds.

The facility is equipped with four Bruker Avance spectrometers: one 600 MHz, two 500 MHz, and one 400 MHz. One of the 500 MHz spectrometers is equipped with a highly sensitive cryoprobe. A separate 800 MHz NMR facility is available to all users for biomolecular NMR and other challenging problems. An electron spin resonance spectrometer is also available.