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Fluorescence measurements

The Chemistry Department has recently established a new Center for Interdisciplinary Chemical Synthesis. The goal of the Center is to provide a campus focal point for interdisciplinary studies involving chemical synthesis. The primary focus of the Center is to create new, synthesis-based interdisciplinary research alliances with Engineering, Biological Sciences, Medicine, and to provide new research infrastructure.

A Campus-wide Resource

Research programs in many units of the UCI campus have the goal of discovering chemical compounds that regulate a biological process or exhibit a particular structural, electronic, or magnetic property. The introduction of new chemical compounds or materials into medicine or commerce typically has two key components: (a) identifying a lead compound or material having some of the desired properties through screening of libraries of novel chemical entities, and (b) optimization of efficacy or function by refining (and developing fundamental understanding of) structureactivity, or structurefunction relationships. The UCI synthetic chemistry program prepares to play a seminal role in both of these critical phases of diverse research activities on the UCI campus and in allied commercial sectors. First, the UCI synthetic chemists have archived >10,000 novel chemical compounds that constitute a unique and valuable screening resource. Secondly, this group has the ability to design and prepare new compounds required in the optimization/understanding phase.

New Research Infrastructure

Sample repository. This facility will collect and catalog, on a continuing basis, research samples from members of the Center. The objective is to have this compound library in a form amenable to ready distribution for screening and to create a data base searchable by chemical fragment structure. Access of this library to UCI researchers and marketing the library to industry is part of the plan.

Synthesis Facility. This facility will carry out service synthesis, combinatorial or parallel, and will provide support for the routine analysis of synthesis products. It will also serve as a training facility for undergrads, graduate students, and postdoctorals who intend to pursue careers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, or polymer industries. In addition, it will perform routine/repetitive syntheses that may not be suitable as academic training and will also be available to other campus researchers and companies. The facility will house a number of pieces of equipment, currently not available anywhere on campus, for preparing libraries of small molecules, and it will be staffed by a PhD-level Director.