The Chemistry Department enforces prerequisites during UCI Summer Session. Current UCI students that have taken the prerequisites at UCI will be able to enroll without additional clearance.

Students from outside UCI will need to provide transcripts demonstrating that they have met the prerequisites outlined in the UCI General Catalogue. You will be contacted by email for this documentation prior to the start of the course. 

Students who wish to enroll in a lab after the Summer Session has begun must receive departmental approval by emailing Students may not enroll in a lab course after the Summer Session has begun if they have missed any of the lab sessions.

The deadline to change or drop a Chemistry Summer Session class is Friday of Week 1. Requests to drop after the deadline will only be considered if you have a valid, documented emergency.

  • Summer Session 1 change/drop deadline: Friday, June 25th 5pm
  • Summer Session 2 change/drop deadline: Friday, Aug 6th 5pm

Chemistry enrollment is handled by the Department of Chemistry. If a form requires “Instructor Signature” please contact for review. All emails are responded to in one business day. 

Lab Fees Update:

In response to the economic hardships our students are experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Chemistry is suspending collection of lab fees for the Summer 2021. We hope this will provide some relief to our students and families as we continue to navigate this crisis together.