The Department of Chemistry hosts industrial recruiting events every summer to assist with the employment needs of graduate students. These recruiting events typically include an informational session, followed by interviews for specific positions they are recruiting for. The interviews are usually 30 to 45 minutes. 

For Companies

Staff are here to assist with scheduling your recruiting event, arranging informational sessions, and publicizing your visit within the Department. If you are interested, please contact Morgan Sibley at ( or fill out the Industrial Recruiting Sign-Up Form. The Chemistry Department will begin Industrial Recruiting in late June 2022 and can only host one company per day, please see the calendar below for the current schedule.

If you would like to publicize a career opportunity with the Department of Chemistry we can post the information on our Graduate Opportunities page. Please send any employment information you would like posted to

For Students 

  • Prepare and update your CV and research summary. It is strongly recommended that you consult your research advisor to review your materials. Keep both relatively short; 2–3 pages each is plenty. Pay special attention to format with an emphasis on clarity, and on research problems that you have solved. Send your CV and research summary as a single PDF to Morgan Sibley at (
  • If you are selected for an interview, make sure to review the company’s website prior to the recruiting day and pay close attention to the morning presentation. Your advisor might also be a good source of information on the company. If you know the recruiter’s names in advance it might be useful to find out who was their research advisor and what they did in graduate school and/or during their postdoc. 
  • Business casual dress is recommended. Although the recruiting sessions might seem informal, act respectfully as though it is the final interview and focus on clear and courteous communication. 
  • Come prepared to talk about your research. You may bring slides, but be prepared to talk informally at the board. Many recruiters would like to see you focus on the problems you have encountered during graduate school and how you solved those problems. 

2022 Industrial Recruiting Calendar

Company Name Visit Information
Neurocrine Biosciences

Recruiter(s): Dr. Vincent Santora, Dr. Stephen Ramgren, and Dr. Timothy Rhorer

  • Tuesday, June 21st

Recruiter(s): Dr. Connor Martin, Dr. Jocelyn Wang, and Dr. Sunshine Burns

  • Thursday, June 23rd - Virtual

Recruiter(s): Dr. Nicole Godfrey and Dr. Gregg Barcan

  • Wednesday, June 29th

Recruiter(s): Dr. Nick Weires, Dr. Sharon Michalak, and Dr. Brian Lanman

  • Monday, July 18th
Frontier Medicines

Recruiter(s): Dr. Michael Shaghafi

  • Friday, July 8th

Recruiter(s): Dr. Daniel Tao and Dr. Noel Wilson

  • Wednesday, July 20th
Discovery Chemistry

Recruiter(s): Dr. Eddy W. Yue

  • Friday, July 29th

Recruiter(s): Dr. Edcon Chang

  • Dates TBD

Recruiter(s): Dr. Antonio Romero

  • Dates TBD
RAPT Therapeutics

Recruiter(s): Dr. Mike Zibinsky

  • Dates TBD
Merck Research Laboratories

Recruiter(s): Dr. Faben Cruz

  • Dates TBD

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