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Recruiter(s): Dr. Gregg Barcan

  • Tuesday, June 20th
  • Open Information Session, 9:00am NS2 Room 2201

Open Positions

  • 2023 GSK Chemistry Job Descriptions
    • Interviews will be for an open position in Drug Substance Development – Process Chemistry
    • CVs will be collected for consideration for upcoming roles in Chemical Biology, Enzyme Evolution & Biocatalysis, and Computational Chemistry
    • Students with career interests in Medicinal Chemistry are encouraged to submit their CVs and research summaries for future open position(s)
  • GSK Info Session Flyer

Recruiter(s): Dr. Erika Lucas and Dr. Gregg Schwarzwalder

  • Tuesday, July 11th - Virtual
  • Open Information Session, 9:00am 

Open Positions

Merck Research Laboratories

Recruiter(s): Dr. Faben Cruz and Dr. Erica Schwalm, and Dr. Zhiwei Chen

  • Thursday, July 13th - Open Information Session, 6:00pm NS1 Room 4112
  • Friday, July 14th 

Open Positions


Recruiter(s): Dr. Daniel Tao

  • Thursday, August 17th
  • Open Information Session, 9:00am NS2 Room 2201

Open Positions

Incyte Research Institute

Recruiter(s): Dr. David Burns, Dr. Eddy Yue, Dr. Darius Vrubliauskas, and Dr. Peng Zhao

Open Positions

Terray Therapeutics

Recruiter(s): Dr. Jean-Marc Grandjean and Dr. Sydnee Green

  • Wednesday, August 23rd
  • Open Information Session, 9:00am NS2 Room 2201

Open Positions


Recruiter(s): Dr. Michael Yamano, Dr. Sharon Michalak

  • Friday, August 25th
  • Open Information Session, 8:30am NS1 Room 4112
Neurocrine Biosciences

Recruiter(s): Dr. Philip Turnbull, Dr. Terry Lebold

  • Monday, October 9th 
  • Open Information Session, 9:00am NS2 Room 2201

Open Positions