Thursday, March 5, 2020

In the Penner Research Group, Joe Gonzales is part of the energy storage group finding potential, superior electrode materials that can enhance the current model of the lithium-ion battery with the opportunity to present his work at the AAAS Annual Meeting, the largest general scientific society globally.


Joe Gonzales

"Participating in undergraduate research studying nanomaterials in the context of the lithium-ion battery and energy storage applications under the advisement of Dr. Reginald Penner has significantly enhanced my undergraduate education at UC, Irvine. However, I never would have imagined being given the opportunity to present my work at a large, global conference like AAAS and win first place in the category of Physical Sciences. I aspire to continue this type of work not only for the remainder of my undergraduate career in the Penner Research Group and but also for my graduate school education to ultimately earn my PhD in Chemistry. 

This would not have been possible without the endless support, care, and guidance of Dr. Penner, all the incredible graduate students in his lab including, and the Minority Science Program at UC, Irvine. I highly recommend checking out all the revolutionary work being done in the Penner Research Group as well as what the Minority Science Program has to offer in the links below for anyone who is interested!

I would also like to recognize the endless support from all my peers I have had the honor to call my classmates and friends over the course of the last three years at UC, Irvine: 

Gabriela Salcedo, Vy H. Pham, Alicia M. Santos, and Khoi Nguyen of the Weiss Lab

Karla Rojas of the Carlton Group

Jonathan Galicia of the Yang Lab

Minhanh Chau of the Guan Lab"