Teaching Assistant Job Description 

Definition: An academically qualified and registered graduate student in full-time residence chosen for excellent scholarship and for promise as a teacher, who is assigned to assist in the delivery of instruction under the active tutelage and supervision of a faculty member. The majority of graduate students who perform instructional functions are assigned to the Teaching Assistant title.

Responsibilities: Assist the supervising faculty member by conducting discussion, laboratory, or quiz sections that supplement faculty lectures; and by grading assignments or examinations. Teaching Assistants may provide input into the development of assignments or exams, and hold office hours. No prior teaching experience is required for appointment. The final responsibility for the content of the course rests with the supervising faculty member. A Teaching Assistant is not independently responsible for the instructional content of a course, selection of assignments, planning, examinations, determination of student grades or decisions on grade appeals; and is not assigned full instructional responsibility for an entire course.

For further information please refer to: http://ap.uci.edu/ase/teaching-assistant/

TA Employment Information

Local campus fees of $257.88 per quarter are not covered by a TA appointment. Students are responsible for paying local fees through the Student Billing System prior to the UCI fee payment deadline. Local fees must be paid for your tuition/fees to credit to your student account. For more information on how local campus fees are calculated in to the Chemistry funding package please see Graduate Student Funding Information.

TA guidelines and responsibilities for specific courses

TA Resources 

Questions? Contact Morgan Sibley(msibley@uci.edu), Student Affairs Manager