Each year the Department collects nominations for the following Undergraduate awards. The deadline to submit nominees for Department review is March 4, 2024. Please submit your nominations through the Google Form (link below). If you have any questions please contact Tatum Power (t.power@uci.edu).  

Student Awards nominations: https://forms.gle/d8AtrM4JPm9Azsqw7

Award Title Description
Don L. Bunker Award Emphasizes outstanding undergraduate research by a senior chemistry major planning to pursue graduate work in chemistry. Monetary Award. 
Outstanding Senior  Highest GPA overall for a Chemistry or Biochemistry & Molecular Biology major with vested interest in the Chemistry Department, performance in research and major. Monetary Award.
Undergraduate Research / Departmental Service Given to a senior Chemistry major with high GPA overall for undergraduate research or departmental service. Recipient will receive a monetary award, honors at PS ceremony, honors at graduation, and Phi Lambda Upsilon nomination. 
American Institute of Chemists  Given to an outstanding senior chemistry major with a high overall GPA  and high GPA in their chemistry courses. This award recognizes potential advancement of the chemistry profession based on demonstrated record of leadership, ability, character, and scholastic achievement. Recipient receives a certificate and a one-year free student associate 
membership to AIC, honors at graduation, and Phi Lambda Upsilon nomination. 
Royal Society of Chemistry Certificate of Excellence – Formerly the “Merck Index Award” For outstanding performance in sophomore organic chemistry series based on scholastic achievement. Recipient will receive the Merck Index.
American Chemical Society - Orange County Outstanding Student Award

This award recognizes an outstanding UCI chemistry undergraduate, either Sr or Jr status who has excelled in the classroom and the laboratory during their career here. Awardee is chosen based on overall GPA, GPA in chem courses and performance in research. Recipient receives his or her name on the Chemistry Dept. plaque, expenses paid for the ACS-OC 
dinner, honors at graduation, and Phi Lambda Upsilon nomination. 

American Chemical Society - Division of Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Award  (Deadline to submit March 19th) This award is intended to recognize senior students who display a significant aptitude for organic chemistry and to encourage further interest in the field. Recipient receives an award letter and certificate. 
American Chemical Society - Division of Analytical Chemistry Undergraduate Award Given to the student who exhibits outstanding performance in analytical chemistry. Awardee must be at Jr status, and should have completed Chem M3LC in the prior Summer or Fall quarter. Recipient receives an award letter and certificate. 
American Chemistry Society - Division of Inorganic Chemistry Undergraduate Award Student demonstrated excellence in inorganic chemistry at the undergraduate level and have future plans that include a career in Chemistry. Student chosen based on any combination of research, coursework or motivation/interest dedication. Recipient receives a personalized certificate and a letter of commendation signed by the Chair of the ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry.
American Chemical Society - Division of Physical Chemistry Undergraduate Award To recognize outstanding achievement by undergraduate students in physical chemistry, and to encourage further pursuits in the field. Student will have demonstrated excellence in physical chemistry and related fields based on research, coursework, and/or dedication.
American Chemical Society - Division of Environmental Chemistry Undergraduate Award The Division of Environmental Chemistry sponsors annual awards to full-time undergraduate students currently enrolled in an education institution program in chemistry, environmental engineering or other programs emphasizing environmental chemistry. These students must have completed one full year of study at their current institution by the date of announcement of the awards (May). 
ACS Undergraduate Award in Biochemistry or Chemical Biology (Deadline to submit March 1st)
The DBC Undergraduate Award in Biochemistry or Chemical Biology is intended to recognize a graduating senior who displays a significant aptitude for biochemistry or chemical biology and to encourage further interest in the field. The award is administered by the Division of Biological Chemistry (DBC) of the American Chemical Society (ACS).


Please note the following awards are handled outside of the Chemistry Student Award Nomination process: