Analytical Chemistry at UCI is best described by three overlapping thrust areas that coincide with the varied research interests and expertise of our faculty. These are: Environmental and atmospheric analysis, Materials analysis, and Bioanalysis. Research in analytical chemistry is instrumentation intensive and interdisciplinary, drawing on nonconventional methods including microfabrication, nanoscale electrodeposition, surface enzyme chemistries and the development of single particle/single cell analysis methods.

Courses recommended for all analytical students:

  • Chemistry 200 Conduct of Research
  • Chemistry 231A Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics
  • Chemistry 232A Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
  • Chemistry 243 Advanced Instrumental Analysis
  • Chemistry 246 Separations and Chromatography
  • Chemistry 248 Electrochemistry
  • Chemistry 249 Analytical Spectroscopy

Elective courses:

  • Chemistry 213 Chemical Kinetics
  • Chemistry 221A Biophysics 
  • Chemistry 230 Classical Mechanics & Electromagnetic Theory
  • Chemistry 231B Applications of Quantum Mechanics
  • Chemistry 231C Molecular Spectroscopy
  • Chemistry 232B Advanced Topics in Statistical Mechanics
  • Chemistry 233 Nuclear and Radiochemistry
  • Chemistry 242 Applied Optics
  • Chemistry 244 Radiation Detection
  • Chemistry 245A Gas-Phase Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Chemistry 245B Multi-Phase Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Chemistry 245C Multi-Phase Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Chemistry 263 Materials Chemistry
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