Events in physical chemistry.

Understanding Molecular Mechanisms of Biological Error Correction

One of the most fascinating features of biological systems is the ability to sustain an extraordinary high accuracy of all major cellular processes despite the stochastic nature of underlying chemical processes. It is widely believed that such low errors are the result of the error correcting mechanism known as a kinetic proofreading. However, there are contradicting views on the balance of speed and accuracy in biological processes.

Planets in a bottle: Exploring planetary atmospheres in the lab

From exoplanets, with their surprising lack of spectral features, to Titan and its characteristic haze layer, numerous planetary atmospheres may possess photochemically produced particles of "haze".  With few exceptions, we lack strong observational constraints (in situ or remote sensing) on the size, shape, density, and composition of these particles. Photochemical models, which can generally explain the observed abundances of smaller, gas phase molecules, are not well suited for investigations of much larger, solid phase particles.


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