Sergey Pronin Receives NSF CAREER Award!

Congratulations to Sergey Pronin for being awarded an NSF CAREER Award! His project, "Development of catalytic enantioselective hydrofunctionalizations of alkenes" allows Professor Pronin and his students to continue to develop new methods for the direct conversion of compounds that contain a double bond between two carbon atoms (i.e., alkenes) to compounds that contain nitrogen (amines), a oxygen-hydrogen groups (alcohols), and their derivatives.

Tobias and Shiraiwa group collaboration highlighted in Chemical Science

A recent collaborative effort by the Tobias and Shiraiwa groups at UCI and the Grassian group at UCSD, which provided a comprehensive description of the adsorption/desorption of a compound found in cleaning products with a common indoor surface (glass), was featured as a ChemSci pick of the week by the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Chemical Science. Click here to read full article.