Essential research continues in several Chemistry labs

These are the projects in Chemistry that have been approved as essential research as of 4/13/20:

Project Name/Description

Drug discovery to fight COVID-19
Rachel Martin, Vy Dong, James Nowick, Doug Tobias, Carter Butts

Development of a Virus BioResistor (VBR) for the Detection of SARS-VoC-2 Antibodies in Blood Serum
Reginald M. Penner, Gregory Weiss

Hydrogen Bonding Cavity Motifs About Metal Ion
Andy Borovik

Chemistry update on COVID-19 response 3/7/20

We are closely monitoring the worldwide developments and responses to COVID-19. At present we have not altered operations but we are preparing for the event that we need to on short notice. We encourage those in our community to take extra precautions in order to remain healthy and to remain at home if experiencing symptoms of illness. If instructors need to miss class due to illness, please contact the department office ( and we will assist with covering the course. Students should contact their instructors to make arrangements.