Professor Maxx Arguilla receives Inclusive Excellence Teaching Award

Assistant Professor Maxx Arguilla was selected as the School of Physical Sciences’ recipient of the UCI Inclusive Excellence Teaching Award given by the Office of the Vice Provost of Teaching and Learning and the Office of Inclusive Excellence.
From the OVPTL: “This award was determined by student nominations and awardees will be honored at the Spring 2022 Celebration of Teaching. The purpose of the award is to recognize instructors that creat inclusive environment that promote growth and scaffold student success.”  Congratulations Maxx!


Professor Rachel Martin elected Fellow of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance (ISMAR)

Professor Rachel Martin has been elected as a Fellow of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance (ISMAR), she one of only four ISMAR Fellows elected worldwide in 2021. Election as an ISMAR Fellow recognizes Dr. Martin's development of new experimental techniques and apparatus, as well as her applications of magnetic resonance measurements to a wide range of scientific problems.

Paul Joshua Hurst selected to present at the Spring 2022 ACS

Congratulations to Paul Joshua Hurst on being selected as a presenter for the 2022 Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research Symposium at ACS Spring 2022 in San Diego! His research talk is titled "Gaining independent control over molecular structure and morphology with ring opening polymerization-induced crystallization-driven self-assembly." Visit the following link to see Hurst's research paper.

UCI alumnus wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry

A huge congratulations to Professor David W.C. MacMillan, who earned his Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of California, Irvine! "Professor MacMillan has been awarded the 2021 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work in developing better catalysts for converting and building molecules. MacMillan, now the James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Chemistry at Princeton University, shares the prize with Benjamin List from the Max Planck Institute in Mulheim an der Ruhr, Germany.

UCI Chemistry selected to join the ACS Bridge Program as an ACS Bridge Partner

The Department of Chemistry has been selected to join the ACS Bridge Program as an ACS Bridge Partner.

ACS Bridge Partners are departments that have demonstrated that they will provide a supportive, bridge-like treatment of students with a commitment to diversity. This designation allows ACS to recommend supportive programs to interested students and allows departments committed to Bridge Program principles recruit talented students to their programs. The UCI Department of Chemistry is proud to be part of this important program.