Molecular Structures of Polymer and Biological Molecules at Buried Interfaces

It is important to elucidate molecular structures of polymer and biological molecules at interfaces because such structures mediate functions of these molecules. However, it is difficult to examine such interfaces in situ in real time due to the lack of appropriate tools. In the recently years, we have used a nonlinear optical laser spectroscopy, sum frequency generation (SFG) vibrational spectroscopy, to investigate molecular structures of interfacial polymer and biological molecules in situ.

Tailoring Nanoscale Fibers: From Fundamental to Practical Use

Electrospinning has been recognized as one of the most efficient techniques for producing non-woven fiber webs on the order of several hundreds of nanometers by electrically charging a suspended droplet of polymer solution with/without inorganic precursors or melt. Various types of materials with a high degree of porosity, a large surface area, superior mechanical properties and modified surface functionalities, can be electrospun into nanofiber structures.


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