Agricultural Chemistry: Small molecule unsung heros

There continues to be a need for innovation in crop protection technologies to provide a sustainable food supply for the growing population.  Global food protection will require the efforts from many including industry, farmers and government agencies.  Crops, in particular, require continued protection from the pressures of disease, insects and weeds. This talk will highlight several case studies that demonstrate approaches taken within Crop Protection Discovery Chemistry at Corteva™ Agriscience to develop novel small molecules that address these challenges.

Risk Assessment Workshop

Every lab has safety policies which should help prevent potential laboratory accidents such as fires, chemical exposures, and explosions. However, even prepared labs can experience accidents, and every lab member needs to be prepared to act if and when an accident occurs.
Have you ever experienced a lab safety incident? Did you know what to do? Do you know what you would do if a safety incident occurs? We will discuss how to tackle these types of questions in this workshop. Upon completing the workshop, lab Safety Representatives and others will be able to:


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