Imaging and spectroscopy on ultrasmall length scales and ultrafast time scales

Scattering-type scanning near-field optical microscopy (s-SNOM) has become a powerful tool to directly visualize the optical properties of solids on ultrasmall length scales, far beyond the diffraction limit of light. Using this technology fascinating phenomena like propagating phonon [1] or plasmon-polaritons [2,3], the formation of metallic puddles in vanadium dioxide [4], and even mid-infrared absorption bands of single molecules [5] could be visualize with <10nm spatial resolution.

The ChemWiki is dead, long live the LibreTexts: Decoupling Commercial Textbooks from Postsecondary Education

It is becoming ever clearer that new and innovative educational efforts are required to facilitate the greater creativity, flexibility, and increased learning capability needed for post-secondary education in the future. Unfortunately, rapidly rising undergraduate fees and textbook costs are serious factors impeding access to higher education for many students; many of which do not have the funds to benefits from these new advances that are often commercialized.


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