PhD defenses.

Synthetic Models for Metalloenzyme Active Sites: Controlling Proton and Electron Transfer in Diiron Complexes

Abstract: Metal ions are ubiquitous in biology and aid in facilitate many enzymatic transformations. For instance, high–valent iron–oxido and –hydroxido species are proposed to be key intermediates in oxidative processes catalyzed by non-heme iron proteins. A subclass of these proteins contains bimetallic sites that house a FeFe core.

Implementation of Dynamic Covalent Chemistries for the Physical Enhancement of Polymeric Materials

Abstract: Polymers have become a ubiquitous part of our lives, filling diverse applications ranging from aerospace to children’s toys. With over three hundred million tons of plastics being produced annually, it is crucial to increase their usable lifespan and reduce their relegation to waste. As such, it is necessary to move away from traditional commodity polymers and steer towards new structural designs that resist deterioration and failure. For wider adoption, these new structural designs should be thermally stable, resistant to additives, and resist/repair damage.


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