PhD defenses.

Creative Routes to Unnatural Amino Acids, Chiral Phosphines, and Nitrogen-Heterocycles


Hydrofunctionalization is a powerful tool to add fragments across unsaturated building blocks to furnish more complex structures and introduce new stereocenters. My PhD studies have focused on Rh and Cu-catalyzed hydrofunctionalization to build both carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bonds in a stereoselective and regioselective manner. With careful pairing of transition-metals and ligands, we successfully accessed chiral α,α-disubstituted-α-amino acid precursors, chiral cyclopropyl phosphines and N-arylated pyrazole motifs.

Tandem Insertion/Sigmatropic Rearrangements by Insertion of Rhodium Carbenes into Sulfur Bonds


This dissertation will focus on four main areas: The first aspect to be discussed will be reaction of allyl 2-diazo-2-phenylacetates with trimethylsilyl thioethers in the presence of rhodium(II) catalysts. These conditions generate α-allyl-α-thio silyl esters which undergo a spontaneous Ireland–Claisen rearrangement. Competing side-reactions, substrate scope and application will be explored.

Computational Methods in Drug Discovery: From Molecular Modeling To Library Design

Abstract: Advancements in computational methods have significantly impacted the field of drug discovery by enabling the exploration of complex molecular interactions and the design of diverse chemical libraries. This dissertation presents a study into various computational approaches aimed at enhancing the efficiency and efficacy of early stage drug discovery. Firstly, we investigate changes in the binding pocket of the L99A variant of T4 lysozyme upon binding of a congeneric series of ligands.


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