PhD defenses.

Stereoselective Hydrofunctionalization of Unsaturated Hydrocarbons

Abstract: Hydrofunctionalization, which is defined as the addition of a hydrogen atom and another fragment to a degree of unsaturation, is an attractive method for transforming unsaturated hydrocarbons to value-added molecules. We developed Rh-, Pd-, and Cu-H catalysts that are capable of coupling both heteroatom and carbon nucleophiles to unsaturated hydrocarbons.

The Dihydro-β-agarofurans: Synthesis of the AB-Ring Core and Strategy/Method Development

Abstract: The research described herein focuses on the development of novel methods and synthetic sequences to solve problems in organic synthesis. Chapter 1 details our work on an operationally simple method to synthesize furans and pyrroles in high yield from keto-oxetanes, a non-obvious, easily accessible 1,4-dicarbonyl surrogate.


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