PhD defenses.

Multipolar Raman Scattering on Plasmons

Abstract: Dichroism in Raman has long been an area of interest in spectroscopy as a powerful tool for elucidating molecular chirality. Here, I will provide details from investigations into plasmonic, rather than molecular, dichroism observed in surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) studies. The sample used is the prototypical dimer nantenna, consisting of two gold nanospheres, which is functionalized with bipyridyl ethylene molecular reporters.

Stochastic Models of Photoexcitation and Charge Accumulation for Solar Energy Conversion

A stochastic model has been created to efficiently explore the parameter space surrounding schemes for a new dye-sensitized solar cell and photoelectrochemical constructs. Models of a variety of semiconductor configurations that are populated with surface-anchored light-absorbing molecules and electrocatalysts are simulated under various illumination conditions. Absorption of light by dyes results in the creation of mobile charges that hop by self-exchange electron transfer across the semiconductor surface and ultimately accumulate on electrocatalysts or recombine.


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