Events in organic chemistry.

SCREENING: Percy Julian: Forgotten Genius

To Celebrate Black History Month, the Department of Chemistry is presenting special screening of “Percy Julian: Forgotten Genius” a biopic about a trailblazing Black scientist who earned a place in the parthenon of scientific greatness despite facing horrific racism throughout his life — including at prestigious academic institutions. Dr. Julian was the first Black chemist elected to the National Academy of Sciences (only the second African-American scientist to receive the honor), and was awarded >130 patents in chemistry. The first to synthesize the natural product physostigmine, Dr.

Synthesis strategies toward complex bioactive diterpenoids

Abstract: Complex molecule synthesis benefits from both methodological advances and strategic innovation. With the belief that a quality synthesis requires a solid strategy, our group focuses largely on synthesis design. Often, our targets are potentially valuable for their biological activities, in which case general applicability to a range of family members and/or unnatural analogues is incorporated into the design.

Deciphering the chemical crosstalk of host-gut microbiome interactions

Abstract: The gut microbiome comprises trillions of microorganisms that inhabit the mammalian intestines. These microbes regulate myriad aspects of host physiology, including factors that modulate many inflammatory diseases. Despite the abundance and prevalence of the gut microbiota, little is known regarding the pathways and mechanisms by which these microbes affect host health. Emerging evidence suggests that many small-molecule metabolites that are produced by the gut microbiota have the ability to modulate host defense mechanisms in various inflammatory diseases.


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