Events in organic chemistry.

Molecular imaging with lanthanide complexes - from in vitro to in vivo

Many physiological processes are governed by small reactive species, anions and cations. As such, many pathologies are also marked by substantial deviations in the concentration and distribution of these species. Molecular probes have proven invaluable tools at deciphering the roles of biologically-relevant species, both in vitro and in vivo. Nonetheless, despite advances in molecular imaging, many small cations, anions and reactive species remain difficult to image selectively under conditions relevant to physiological processes.

Asymmetric Catalysis and its Application towards the Development of an Ideal Synthesis for BI’s 11β-HSD 1 Inhibitor

Abstract: During the past few decades, active pharmaceutical ingredients are becoming increasingly complex and costly to synthesize. Development of sustainable, greener and economically viable manufacturing processes is demanding. Asymmetric catalytic transformations with the aid of chiral phosphine ligands have played a critical part for API development.


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