Events in organic chemistry.

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Until recently, 3D printing was largely relegated to prototyping and small-scale projects

due to fundamental limitations—slowness and an inability to generate objects with adequate

mechanical strength and thermal properties that would entail widespread, durable utility. A

limited range of materials also hindered the ability to make parts comparable to injection molded


Rethinking the basic physics and chemistry, we invented Digital Light SynthesisTM (DLS)

Catalysis enabled enantioselective syntheses of Islatravir

Abstract Body: Non-adherence is a major hurdle for the effective treatment of HIV, a global epidemic even after 30 years of medical advancements. Long-acting therapeutics have the potential to improve adherence through simplified regimens. One such investigational medication is MK-8591, a nucleoside reverse transcriptase translocation inhibitor with subnanomolar antiviral activity and a long intracellular half-life. To support this program, a world-class manufacturing synthesis which is robust, green, and sustainable was targeted.


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